This Sunday we will launch a campaign in collaboration with UNICEF, Child Poverty Action Group and NZ Council of Christian Social Services. Together we are making a strong call for the government to commit to taking real action for real change and to end child poverty in New Zealand for good.

In order for this campaign to work, we need to engage and mobilise the greatest number of Kiwis who care and compel them into action. Can you help us understand the perceptions Kiwis have around child poverty in New Zealand as well as the key message/s that resonate most deeply for you? This survey will take less than 5 minutes.
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How many children do you think are living in poverty in New Zealand?

Why do you think children are living in poverty in New Zealand?

We have deliberately not added an "All of the above" option to get the deepest understanding of which factor people think is the *most* problematic.

Please select just one of the key messages/angles below that would most compel you to share with your networks and take action:

In the modern era of campaigning, we need to find a hashtag that both captures the core of the message and resonates with the largest amount of people. You can’t capture the full rationale of an argument in a hashtag but you can create an emotive response and inspire action. Can you help us find the campaign #hashtag?

At the heart of all successful campaigns lies real stories from real people. It's also stories that get national and international media attention which can help drive real change. Do you have a personal story related to child poverty in New Zealand that you wouldn't mind sharing?

Stories submitted here may be used in the campaign to engage a wider audience and achieve change. We may use pull-quotes from your story to create social media images, generate media interest or in external communications (ie. email). We respect your privacy. You can remain anonymous in leaving a story if you wish.
Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thank you for taking part in our survey, we really appreciate your time. Please feel free to share the survey with your family and friends.

The survey results will be compiled tomorrow and this people-powered campaign will launch on Sunday.
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