People's Review of the Mental Health System
It's time to fix the mental health system. Help us do it with your story.
What we all want for ourselves and our families is to live our lives in good mental health, and to know that when we need help, we can get it.

But in New Zealand today we see signs that our public mental health system is heading toward crisis. The lack of Government funding means those most in need are experiencing long waiting times for support; staff are increasingly forced to rely on the use of isolation as a form of care; and the country is experiencing alarmingly high levels of suicide.

Despite this, and concerns of mental health professionals and the public at large the Minister and the Ministry of Health resist calls for a comprehensive National Review.  A review that would inform system wide changes to access, treatment and funding. New Zealanders need to feel confident once more in the system we all pay for, confident that should any of us need help, professional support is available.

It is now time to stop asking the Government to review the system and for the people of New Zealand to carry out our own review.

We invite all New Zealanders to tell your story: what has your experience of the public mental health system been?

Everyone has a story about mental health in New Zealand. Whether you work as a mental health professional, have experienced the mental health system directly yourself or someone in your family has, your story matters.

We don’t need more statistics, the numbers already add up to make it clear that we have a crisis and need urgent action, and still nothing has been done. But personal stories can do what numbers cannot - they can move Ministers to action.

Stories create empathy, and empathy creates change.

Your stories will be used to demonstrate to the Minister and the public at large what the mental health system is really like for people right now. Stories will be curated and then displayed at from October 10th.

You can write your story, record an audio file, or video yourself and upload it to this page. You are also welcome to make your submission anonymously. All stories and submissions will be moderated prior to being published in any form.

At the end of this Public Review we will write a Review report for submission to the Minister of Health and the Director for Mental Health.If you have further questions, please get in touch with us on or visit our FAQ here:
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If you feel so inclined, please share this opportunity to tell important stories for change with your friends.